Book Review: Daily Painting by Carol Marine

In Daily Drawing, artist Carol Marine starts by explaining the principles behind daily painting and the benefits it has to artists (feel less overwhelmed, get quicker results, more experimentation opportunities, create works easier to sell online, etc.).

Then, there are several chapters about materials and techniques. Although Carol works mainly with oils most of the information is generic enough to apply to any medium. The topics covered include the selection of subject matters, value, color mixing, drawing and proportion, and composition. I especially liked the color mixing chapter where a complex topic such as this is explained in a simple, easy to understand way.

The book also talks about fighting artist's block (my least favorite chapter), how to photograph and edit photos of small paintings, and tips for better online sales.

It's also interesting to see a complete step-by-step example showing Carol's approach to small painting. To get an idea of the process and results watch this youtube video or visit Carol's blog.

The book is inspiring, well written, full of practical information, relevant not only to oil painters, like the author, but also to artists (or wannabe artists!) using any other painting mediums. I highly recommend it, especially to the ones interested in learning more about the process and advantages of working small.

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