Book Review: The Art of Urban Sketching

The Art of Urban Sketching is a compilation of more than 500 illustrations drawn on location by urban sketchers from around the world. The author is Gabriel Campanario, the founder of the Urban Sketchers community.

The book is divided in 3 sections:

Section 1 - Becoming an Urban Sketcher - presents the urban sketching manifesto and briefly covers tools, styles and techniques.

Section 2 - See the World, One Drawing at a Time - is the core of the book featuring sketches drawn in more than 50 cities from around the world. There are artist profiles, stories about the drawings and the places, and tips on how to approach different situations and subjects.

Section 3 - Drawing Inspiration - is similar to section 2, although much shorter, but with drawings grouped by theme instead of by location.

One interesting thing about the book is that it indicates the exact time spent on each drawing, as well as the list of tools and materials used, in many cases with reference to the specific brand!

There are lots of new books about urban sketching being published every year, if you get only one, this should be it. It is inspirational and a excellent showcase of the wide range of techniques used by the community.

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