My name is João and in October of 2013, already on my thirties, I decided to learn how to draw. I first started with a beginners book called You Can Draw in 30 Days, which took me about a year to finish! In the meantime I've also started to explore other books and online resources.

On October of 2014, not satisfied with the progress I was making, I started a six-month Figure Drawing Course for beginners. The exercises from that course can be seen here and here.

This blog is intended to be a showcase of my progress and a place where I share tips and resources for anyone wanting to learn, or in the process of learning how to draw.

Now I invite you to judge the progress I've made so far. Below is one of the few drawing I've done in my adulthood, before starting to learn how to draw; next is a drawing from 2015.

Contour drawing
Drawing from 2010 (A5 paper)
Contour drawing
Drawing from 2015 (A2 paper)